About Us

globalURLpromoter.com is a URL/website promotion service based in Sydney, Australia. We help customers to promote their websites by providing free Do It Yourself (DIY) tools and paid Done For You (DFY) professional promotion services on a monthly subscription.

Our professional paid services include search engine submission, social media submission, back link submission, RSS submission and real website visitors. All this is done for you every month while you have a paid subscription. This results in a natural and steady increase in your website back links.

Why are back links important? Google uses something called PAGE RANK to determine how important a website is. Their exact algorithm is a secret, but back links play a big part in it. If a website has a link pointing back to your site (back link), Google sees this as a vote of confidence in your site. Now, the higher the Page Rank of that website which has your link on it, the more that vote means to Google. If two identical websites were competing for the same keyword phrase on Google, the one with the higher Page Rank will usually rank higher.